Discoteca Musica 17.05.2014 @Portti, Turku

Tapahtumat Pohjois-Suomen ulkopuolella.
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Discoteca Musica 17.05.2014 @Portti, Turku

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Monthly club night, Discoteca Musica, introduces a grand finale of spring season 2014! Experience the best of disco, italo disco, Hi-NRG and other dance floor filling cool synthesizer music from the 70's and 80's with Kalle Karvanen and Joona Puu behind the decks. As this is the spring season closing, Discoteca Musica also invited incredible artist called Surf Dancer to perform live in Turku.

Surf Dancer is a cosmic synth warrior whose only space-time is space disco time. Born in the part of Eastern Europe so fond of over-the-top, kitschy synthpop, he learned to surf on the sandy beaches of Czechoslovakia and soon moved to Berlin, a city so famous for its amicable attitude towards gratuitous indulgence. His live act blends fierce Italo beats with shameless abuse of synthpop clichés and high-flying Hi-NRG.

Discoteca Musica night at the downstairs of Portti (Hämeenkatu 7, Turku) 17.05.2014 starting at 21:30. Behind the decks Kalle Karvanen, Joona Puu and live performance by Surf Dancer. Free entry.


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